New Years at Pakiri

Year: 2018
Exhibition: Places to Be
Medium: Acrylic on Plywood with resin finish
Size: 1500mm x 1000mm


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Every new years we used to go camp at the Pakiri campground in a big group. We played volleyball, touch rugby and New Years Eve was always a big night. I had my token 6 beers which lasted me a long time because I was such a lightweight. But back then New Years was such a big thing. These days it just seems hard to stay awake. I am not sure why as I am up till midnight usually anyway. I love camping and big groups always make it quite a festive atmosphere. But one New Years eve some young boys ran a little operation and among other things my surfboard got stolen. I searched everywhere. This included the party site across the road in the old rugby club. Creeping around the abandon clubrooms among the sleeping and snoring rough looking lads that had partied there the night before was one of the scariest moments of my life. In fact my friends dared not go in. They were not the sort you wanted to wake up and catch you lurking in their territory. Let alone accuse them of stealing. They looked like they were part of a gang. I escaped alive and unharmed but with no surfboard either. It obviously wasn’t them. I returned the next year with a brand new board (thanks to insurance) but this time I kept it in the car on new years eve. I remember arranging to go down the beach early on new years morning to surf a perfect bank. I dragged my girlfriend down who happily slept on the beach. I had a great 3 hour session almost to myself. Mike finally turned up. The wind had changed and the tide was going out. But better late than ever aye Mike. Mike has a habit of turning up just as you’re about to leave. I am not sure why though.