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This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy – Film


Christian Nicolson and Andrew Beszant decided to realise their dream of writing a sci-fi comedy and entered the make my movie competition in late 2011. Their love for old sci-fi such as star wars, battlestar galactica, blake’s 7, doctor who and many many others inspired them to write this hilarious movie. The prospect of this excited the public and judges and pushed them through the various knockout rounds of the competition. The script and dedication of the team startled the judges so much that it earned them a glorious 2nd place out of over 750 teams. The epic nature of this movie didn’t work with the timelines of competition but they are determined to continue this project through till the end on a low budget as it was intended. Unfortunately there was only funding and assistance for the winner and nothing for 2nd place but Christian was determined to make this film anyway…

 You can see more about the competition here on the NZ Herald website:

Go ahead, Make My Movie
Make My Movie: And cut… Final four announced

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