Look Darling It’s Tom and Nancy

Look Darling It’s Tom and Nancy
Headland Sculpture on the Gulf 2013
Screenprinted and painted laminated Macrocarpa

Christian Nicolson’s Barebottomland, a set of screen printed nudes populating a hillside in 2011s Headland Sculpture on the Gulf, Waiheke, Auckland, examined nudity and our discomfort with its public display. Look Darling it’s Tom and Nancy evolves this theme with the thought that clothes and conventions are layers that obscure our underlying humanity. Nicolson confronts the barriers, presenting an ideal of unlayered nudity which is set against a reality of social conditioning.

It’s nudie time again. Why. Because I haven’t finished! The fact that nudity still carries such a stigma in public places annoys me. We all share the same physical bodies. All of us are naked, somewhere, underneath it all, behind the clothes, society’s rules and expectations. There are two parts to all of us, the parts we don’t see and the parts we don’t show. Who do you want to be? Why does it become such a stigma to be human? Because when you get down to it all, that’s all it is.

This is me. Is it ever true that I am free?