Mission 1: Karekare

The west coast of Auckland is rough and dramatic. The sand is black and rich with iron. The scenery is spectacular and only a stones throw from the city. This place is popular for surfing and picnics. It is very romantic. So romantic that I lost some jandals there once. We left them under a bush. If you find them we want them back. The sunset was blinding and the wind a howling south westerly coming straight down the beach at the toi tois. Sand whipping against skin and face, blowing into gear and making keeping them in formation a major task. This was the 1st experiment. The video and photo test. I was very nervous and wanted it to look great but its hard when the bloody toi toi’s kept blowing over. None of my photos were any good but thankfully Jefs were amazing. I went home and realised I left the spade behind. I loved that spade. I got it for such a great deal and i have never found one that good since. Obviously someone else did though. About 100 toi toi’s were used in total.

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