Whangapoua Coromandel

Year: 2018

Exhibition: Places to Be

Medium: Acrylic on Board with resin finish

Size: 2400mm x 1200mm


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This is the next morning just before dawn. I have only been to Whangapoua beach once. My friend Tae and I were on a boys surfing trip down the coromandel. It was awesome fun. On the day we arrived we went around the corner to a special beach called New Chums and saw some fully naked girls. Yup. Fully. Then back at the main beach I met a girl in a bikini playing in the waves. I did some wiggly hero moves on my surfboard to impress her and it must have worked just enough cause she smiled at me alot. I said smiled not laughed. I found her later that night sitting by a bonfire with some locals. We had alot of fun that night. All the same I decided to leave before dawn. Better to make a clean exit sometimes. Anyway the surf was pumping at Hot Water beach.