After School Surf (Te Arai)

Year: 2018

Exhibition: Places to Be

Medium: Acrylic on Board with resin finish

Size: 2000mm x 800mm


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I have a specific memory of a evening after school on a Friday surfing well on a right hander at Te Arai point. The surf was a nice crisp 3-4 foot and offshore and the sun gently dripped down bedding heavy behind (I borrowed that from a Duran Duran song) leaving that beautiful pink (not seen here) in the sky which you get on the east coast sunset. I have surfed there many times and made many after school trips when I was growing up but there is always one memory that sums it all up. Those seemed to be the days when I had the space in my head to just hang out and go surfing all day only to do the same again the next. Ahh what a dream.