Little Landscapes

This latest exhibition is a series of landscapes aimed at those with smaller spaces to fill and smaller budgets

My first ever show was called the moody landscape in 2002. I have always loved doing landscapes and find it is sometimes the ultimate sense of freedom on the canvas. I love creating depth and atmosphere with colour and mark making. I do try to give you a sense of being there in the moment… a beautiful morning alone on the beach, a stormy day with the rain pelting down, an afternoon spent with your mates watching perfect waves peel in.

When I’m painting, I never like to get it perfect. They are just an impression of what it felt like, an expression of energy that helps capture a moment in time. Usually these are my moments. My favourite ones. And I love the beach most of all, which is why I find myself there more often than not.

Ever since my first exhibition my work has slowly grown in size. These days if you want to get a landscape of mine it is going to be a big one. I like it that way. The size seems to give the energy greater justice. But this time however I have decided to go small for a change. This is partly because being on lockdown meant I couldn’t get any new canvases. I have now used up all the old ones I had lying around and yes, they happened to be small. But also because I thought it was a good idea to offer some smaller works incase there were some people out there who could not afford a big work. Or maybe had smaller spaces to show it. I can safely say that it seems to take the same energy to do a small one as it does a big one… I hope you enjoy the show.