I Love Waiake

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Year: 2018

Exhibition: Places to Be

Medium: Acrylic on Board with resin finish

Size: 1200mm x 900mm

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I love Waiake beach. It is one of the coolest beaches in the world. I was down here with or without my friends and parents from the age of 6. Things were a bit looser in those days and a kid learned the rules faster than they do now. But beware. To try to tackle the island (sugarloaf we called it) was a very treacherous activity. I remember being stuck half way up, halfway down for 25 minutes unable to move at all. I eventually did but now days they have a rope and it’s quite easy to get up. Another piece of advice. If you decide to go up the island and partake in romantic activities thinking you are well out of everyone’s reach. Pull the rope up first or you may get caught by three merry teenagers looking for a view. Just saying.