I Lost My Moa in the Bush (Kare Kare)

Year: 2018

Exhibition: Places to Be

Medium: Acrylic on Board with resin finish

Size: 2400mm x 1200mm


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It is believed that dinosaurs still exist in a small pocket in the bush surrounding Karekare. Or so I am told. Not far from here is Karekare falls. I was filming a scene in a movie here and wanted to drop a dummy off the top of the waterfall. I went on a mission in the bush dragging a heavy dummy followed by a German woofer. I lost the woofer and continued on alone, following the river downstream to what I was sure would eventually lead me to the top of the falls. After nearly an hour and a series of ever larger cascades, I decided to abandon the mission, in favour of getting home in time for dinner. I could feel that otherwise I would end up on the 6 o’clock news having to be rescued by a helicopter. Luckily the German woofer was there waiting for me when I returned. The camera crew down the bottom were relieved to see us too. We did shoot the scene but I found a different waterfall that was much easier to get to the top.