Mission 5: Black Swamp

Just a little further down the coast is Black Swamp. The same white sandy coastline just a little more remote. It is a very peaceful place to be and you can usually find your self alone here. It is at the furthest reaches of the city of Auckland, the white sand is outlined by an expansive rich green pine forest. Lovely for love.

Black Swamp is much nicer than the name suggests. I don’t know where that swamp is but it certainly isn’t anywhere to be seen. This was a day for grasshoppers and daydreamers. Sand squeaks under your feet when you walk it is so happy to have you there and the light dances on the water merrily like little flying swimming grasshoppers on their way to the butterfly ball, or something like that.The toi toi almost lost precedence for a moment as I got lost in the scenario. They too, excited by the day, move down the east coast in their own peculiar way, but they must do it at night cause I don’t see them moving. Or maybe it is so gradual and slow that you just don’t notice, much like the turning of the earth.

This was a beautiful summers day. I arrived car stocked with toi toi and Jeff in trail. Winds often turn sea breeze in summer
and today was just another one of those unfortunate days. The sand banks were no good so surf was not on the agenda. I can’t say it enough, this is a beautiful, beautiful day. There was no one there and we were free to do silly things and no one
cared. Alot of grasshoppers live in toi toi bushes. My Nana turned up with my dad and she thought it was fantastic. Although
my Nana would say that if I had put 28 bananas on the end of a pole and called it a banana tree and I know she probably
couldn’t see anything from where she was anyway. I love my Nana. Nanas are very cool. Jeff left early cause his girlfriend
wanted him to go shopping so I carried on alone again. Ahhh such a beautiful day. I had my sandwiches for lunch, then a quick surf with Dad before I drove west to do Mission 2 at sunset on my own. It was a busy day. But such a beautiful one.

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