NZ Landscape Paintings

Ever since I began painting I have enjoyed a good landscape. The freedom that comes with it. I am not the sort of artist that enjoys taking his time getting it perfect. That is not to say I am not capable. I just don’t enjoy it. I prefer to let it flow, explore colour and gestures which display energy or serenity. I love mood and the power mark making and colour can help demonstrate that. Sometimes my mood reflects what comes out, sometimes the nature of the landscape draws out certain colours and marks. If for example I look at the west coast I am confronted with a sense of beauty but at the same to a drama that cannot be ignored. On the east coast I find myself wanting to play and the light always seems reflect that. I am a beach person and without it I feel trapped. It is the ultimate source of freedom looking out to the horizon of the sea. A sense of expanse and potential. The weather changes and with that so does the surroundings. But no matter what the weather is, it is alive. That’s what I try and capture. A sense of life and being there in the moment. The moment before the storm or when the sun just touches the hills in the early morning light. I exaggerate almost everything because I like to break it down to it’s purest essence.

Christian Nicolson



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