Growing Up

One of my first exhibitions was called Little Warrior. It was about me growing up in a time when things still seemed loose and wild and free. I had reflected on this more and more as I became a parent and observed the changes in our society. The more we tried to restrict our lives and the lives of our children the more I remembered my own. We may only be striving to make things better but are we really doing that? So I have chosen to celebrate what it was like being a kid for myself. I wanted to remind people about the freedom we had and the fact it made us who we are today. We need to hang on to that. Let the kids climb the trees and play in the dirt. We need to not worry so much. But instead worry about the way things are changing. The land is all disappearing and what we are filling it up with is not always what we need. Growing Up is about more than nostalgia. It is a reminder to think about the now as much as then.


Christian Nicolson


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