Free Price Estimate for a Commissioned Artwork by Christian Nicolson

Christian generally works in areas which resonate in his life. However, Christian is available to create a limited number of personalised commissioned artworks each year. If you have ever wondered whether commissioning a piece was right for you, simply complete this quick questionnaire and we will get back to you with a price estimate for your unique artwork.

Here are some prompts to help you describe your vision for a commission. Keep them in mind as you complete the form below, but if you aren’t sure then that’s ok too.

  • Are there any paintings of Christian’s you particularly like? Perhaps a piece you want has already sold or doesn’t fit your space.
  • Commissions can commemorate a special time or an event such as a holiday, a wedding or a happy memory from your childhood. Do you have any specific imagery in mind or a more general idea? Does his work or ideas resonate with you?
  • Christian’s own work often encompasses themes of Landscapes, Surfing, Nudity, Growing Up, Pop Art and Sci Fi and he can adapt his style suit your needs. He often loves to use humour to express his ideas in his work. Are these what you are looking for?
  • Christian’s stand out stylistic approaches include pure painting, painting combined with screen printing and either of these styles with or without text. Which appeals most to you and why?

Commission Questionnaire

Commission Questionnaire

Commission Questionnaire

Commission Questionnaire

Commission Questionnaire

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  • Material & Frame
  • Budget

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