Auckland is filled with diversity both in its landscape and culture. Over 1.5 million people live here which is our largest city. It has both east and west coast within 45 mins drive of each other and has over 60 old volcanoes spread out across its region. It was once the largest city in the world by area and sits currently at number four.

Things are getting close to home. This is milford and where i live. There is a large volcano in the background called Rangitoto that erupted just 500 years ago and created much of the interesting rocks around these beaches including a really good surf reef just at the far right of this photo which wasn’t working today. It is possibly the most well painted icon in the area. I try and avoid painting this for that reason. I admit i have done it a few times, but I am not telling anyone. Some lady actually came up to me yesterday and asked me about a painting I did two years ago of Rangitoto. Looks like I might be doing one more – just quietly. If you want to see this city I recommend climbing to the top of a volcano and looking out. From there you can see most of the city and all its suburbs. Look there’s my house. I love these volcano’s, they are proud and majestic in there presence and give our city a unique character that is natural and exciting. If I were bigger, then I would spend the afternoon bouncing from one to another, till I got tired that is and wanted an icecream I think.

I made an installation at dawn on milford beach and every body thought I was extremely strange. I can’t really blame them. The tide came in very high and knocked them down to quick. The photos also didn’t capture the moment. This was partly due to the fact my film never wound on. You had to be there. It looked good…honest. I did it again the next morning. The next phase was at night. It is the metamorphosis of the normal toi toi into the giant sculptures seen in the harbour. From the flames comes the transformation of a new and magnificent inhabitant. The final phase which will take them to there resting place in the harbour.

Seize the day. This is not Jeff, it is Stephan. My dinner guest and the least likely person I imagined to do this but I was wrong. We only went out to pick up the indian takeaways and stopped in to see my little installation. We didn’t notice the boat just coming in to shore as we took off our clothes. ha ha ha. I like being nude and the nude likes me. Stephan is very proud of this and has a copy of the video on his mantlepiece.

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