Rimmers Road is in the middle of the forest in the middle of the beach in the middle of nowhere. Standing on this west coast beach is amazing. The sand stretches off for miles in either direction and you can drive it like a main highway. One end is Muriwai and the other end is the Kaipara harbour. Respect.

I drove out the west coast alone like a madman one night, picked a hundred or so toi tois, scarring my legs and arms with cuts and abrasions (toi tois are surrounded by sharp cutty-grass), put it up and left it overnight. I was too late to take any photos so instead I returned the next night with Jef ready to capture the work. This was again a learning curve. The west coast is not like sheltered Auckland Harbour. When I got there, nothing remained and I was left to start all over again. I made the most of my trip and instead did some experiments with night photography using fire. It was great fun but we were almost locked in by the ranger for the night because we were after hours. The amazing sunset that I had seen the night before disappeared into the clouds before i had a chance to capture it. 80-90 toi tois were used. This still had to be re-done in the daylight.

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